CPU Mode

A player fighting a CPU.

Vs. CPU Mode (sometimes called Boss Battle by fans) is a mode introduced in the first game of Lumines. Here, the player has to fight ten A.I. (artificial intelligence) called CPUs to advance to the next level. As the player proceeds, the levels get harder and harder.

Once the player defeats a CPU, they are awarded with the skin the CPU was fought, along with the character. Once all ten CPU's are defeated, a bonus skin is awarded and the credits roll.

Vs. CPU Mode is the same as Vs. Mode; the more blocks you make, the more room you get.

List of CPU's (Lumines I / Plus)Edit

  1. Japanese Man (Skin: Japanese Form)
  2. Living Records (Skin: Automobile Industry)
  3. Digital Floating Head (Skin: Please Return my CD)
  4. Pink Mouse (Skin: The Bird Singing in the Night)
  5. 8-bit Vampire (Skin: Mekong)
  6. Egyptian Lady (Skin: Whoop-De-Doo)
  7. Cowboy (Skin: The Spy Loves Me)
  8. Jester (Skin: Brash)
  9. Chinese Spear Warrior (Skin: Chinese Restaurant)
  10. Extraterrestrial (Skin: Moonbeam)

List of CPU's (Lumines II / Live!)Edit

  1. Lion (Skin: That Savanna Calls)
  2. Living Records (Skin: Automobile Industry)
  3. Dragon? (Skin: Naha)
  4. Pink Mouse (Skin: The Bird Singing in the Night)
  5. Guitarist (Skin: The Speed of Light)
  6. Japanese Man (Skin: Japanese Form)
  7. Toy Soldier (Skin: Go To a Toy Town)
  8. Egyptian Lady (Skin: Whoop-De-Doo)
  9. Ukulele (Skin: Papa's Ukulele)
  10. Extraterrestrial (Skin: Moonbeam)


  • Lumines Touch Fusion and Lumines Supernova are the only games without Vs. CPU Mode.
  • Sometimes, most CPU's rapidly stack blocks, creating a "suicide".
  • In most games, the extraterrestrial is the last CPU.
  • The levels of the CPU are from the easiest to the hardest.
  • Bosses have special characters that have colors. Unlocking them would simply give the player monochromatic versions. Hacking is required if the player tries to play as the colorful versions.
  • Interestingly, when the player advances on, sometimes, if either the player or the computer attacks, the blocks will eventually start to fall faster.
  • In later games, such as Lumines II or Live!, most bosses have special and animated backgrounds.
  • Since the release of Vs. CPU Mode, there was a popular rumor that these CPU's copy the same skills as the player uses. However, it was revealed to be a hoax, since the CPUs each have there own programmed A.I., which aren't supposed to copy or use the same tactics as the player does.
  • Vs. CPU Mode is a starter mode on every Lumines game that features it.