Alright. Since I have edited this Wiki since the departure of NeoReaper9, I have been given administration rights by Merrystar from the Wikia site due to my contributions. The specific admin rights given to me was system operator (sysop) and bureaucrat. However, I will make an admin team, BUT, before I can do that, this Wiki will need more users.

Please note that since I have this specific admin rights, I am able to grant users administration membership. HOWEVER, if you want to be an admin, you would leave a message on my message wall. I will respond. BUT, if your contributions are bad, or your inserting false information, I have no choice to either decline, or even block you. I won't block you from your contributions, but I will block you from your vandalism.

I recommend that if you want to be an administrator, you should do at least 500 edits, earn some badges (above 15 badges) and be nice to other users. If you are promoted, but abuse your membership, I have no choice but to either contact the Wikia Support Team, or to just remove your administration membership.

I recommend that registered users (or sometimes Wikia contributors) can help out this Wiki. If so, I would really appreciate it.

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